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Rocks In My Bed
Midnight Hours Blues
You Canít Get That Stuff No More
Denver Blues
Gamblin Man Blues
Phonograph Blues
Broke Down Engine
Blue Birds Blues
Baby You Gotta Change Your Mind
Good Morning Blues
Preaching Blues(Up Jumped The Devil)
Gonna Follow My Baby
Mr Johnsonís Swing
Picking My Tomatoes
15c A Day
Iím A Rattlesnakiní Daddy
Worrying You Off My Mind
Good Woman Blues
You Know I Got A Reason
When You Got A Friend

Easy Rider
Black Train Blues
(I Bellieve Iíll) Dust My Room
Mean Mistreater Mama
Four Hands Are Better Than Two
Georgia Rag
My Brownskin Sugar plum
Walkiní Blues
Sun Risiní Blues
Warehouseman Blues
Got The Bottle Up And Go
Born For bad luck
Iím Calling Daisy
Sugar Mamma Blues
Stomp Down Rider
Mean Old Bed Bug Blues
Strange Place Blues
Mean Old Frisco Blues
Rock Island Line

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