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PAR 2084

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Fairport Convention - Wat Tyler
Phil Beer, Ashley Hutchings & Chris While - Smugglers' Road
John Kirkpatrick - Soldiers' Joy
English Country Dance Band - The Lodge Road/From Night Till Morn
Simon Care & The Albion Band - Horseshoe Hornpipe
Straight Furrow - The Railway/Fiery Clockface
Celtish - The Bells of Rhymney
Paul Murray & Dave McKeown - McLeod's Lament
Judy Dunlop - The Crow And The Cradle
Tir-Nag-Nog - Someone To Dance With
Adderbury Morris - Sweet Jenny Jones
Magna Carta - Rings Around The Moon
Eden Burning - The Brontes, Alice And Me
The Albion Band -Wings Of Mercury

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